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The Contino Sessions - Death In Vegas

The Contino Sessions by Death In Vegas (Review)

It just doesn’t sound that good. Not in any sort of big dose anyway.
The Beat Assassinated - DJ Cam

The Beat Assassinated by DJ Cam (Review)

It’s just a waste of talent when the extraordinary is ruined by the preposterous.
Miniature Portraits - Five Style

Miniature Portraits by Five Style (Review)

Five Style’s musical hyperactivity makes for an interesting, albeit exhausting listen.
What Will Become of the Key of Reason? - Mahogany

What Will Become of the Key of Reason? by Mahogany (Review)

All in all, a pleasant-sounding enough EP, but nothing that will probably blow your socks off.
Moon Pix - Cat Power

Moon Pix by Cat Power (Review)

Cat Power used to be one of those bands that I lumped in with “all the rest of the indie crap that’s not drone.”
Feng Shui - Doldrums

Feng Shui by Doldrums (Review)

Wonderful CD, looking forward to more, and to getting the rest of this band’s back catalog.
Silver Lining Underwater - Orange Cake Mix

Silver Lining Underwater (Bliss Out, Volume 3) by Orange Cake Mix (Review)

Ends up sounding like someone has spent way too much time locked up in their bedroom with a couple of analog synths.
Ever Revolving, Never Evolving - 30 Foot Fall

Ever Revolving, Never Evolving by 30 Foot Fall (Review)

Clever arrangements and whip smart lyrics that project a subtle feeling of optimism make for a very enjoyable listen.
Picnic, Lightning - Garlands

Picnic, Lightning by Garlands (Review)

The production on the album is top-notch, the instruments sound crisp and clean.
Black Foliage - Olivia Tremor Control

Black Foliage: Animation Music Volume 1 by Olivia Tremor Control (Review)

The cumulative effect is the most psychedelic record I’ve heard in ages.
The Night - Morphine

The Night by Morphine (Review)

One of Morphine’s best albums, if not the best.
Good Dog Bad Dog - Over the Rhine

Good Dog Bad Dog (The Home Recordings) by Over The Rhine (Review)

The talent is pretty overwhelming throughout the record.


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