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Alchymeia - Raison d'être

Raison d’être’s Alchymeia Is a Jung-Inspired Soundtrack Through the Shadows (Review)

Raison d’être’s dark ambience may begin in the shadows, but it’s never content to stay there.
Silver Surfer - Dan Slott, Michael Allred

Soaring Through the Spaceways With the Silver Surfer (Review)

Dan Slott and Mike Allred’s take on the Silver Surfer is a far cry from the comics of my youth — for better and worse.
The Honeybear - Hampshire & Foat

The Honeybear by Hampshire & Foat (Review)

This “children fairytale book concept album” is full of enchanting, beguiling music.
Phil Elverum

In Rotation: Mount Eerie, Ride, Fine China, Amy Annelle, Josh T. Pearson (Review)

Heart-breaking music about death; dreamy electronica from shoegaze giants; inspired ’80s pop; plaintive, old-timey folk/country; and goofy country-punk.
Nabihah Iqbal

In Rotation: Nabihah Iqbal, Heligoland, Opus Science Collective (Review)

An impressive debut that feels both nostalgic and original; exquisitely composed dreampop; and super funky future funk.
The Villainess - Jung Byung-gil

The Villainess by Jung Byung-gil (Review)

The film’s mind-blowing action sequences are ultimately undermined by a convoluted plot and characters you don’t care about.
Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Rian Johnson

The Last Jedi Challenges the Star Wars Status Quo to Go Beyond Mere Nostalgia (Review)

By striking it down, Rian Johnson helped ensure that Star Wars could become more powerful than we can possibly imagine.
12 Decembers - 12 Decembers

12 Decembers’ Lush, Heartfelt Pop Wears Its Heart on Its Sleeve (Review)

This remarkably strong debut is filled with simple-yet-affecting tales of love at its best and worst, all wrapped in gorgeous pop arrangements.
Soft Ice - Poemme

Poemme’s Soft Ice Uses Nostalgic Ambience to Convey Winter’s Beauty (Review)

Angela Klimek’s lovely debut conjures up a magical, enchanting view of winter thanks to vast ambient drones and textures.
Gil-Estel - Thangorodrim

Gil​-​Estel by Thangorodrim (Review)

Thangorodrim’s Tolkien-inspired “dungeon synth” can get cheesy at times, but the epic fantasy vision is winsome in its own way.
Longing for Home - Starsabout

Longing for Home by Starsabout (Review)

For fans of thoughtful, atmospheric indie-rock, Starsabout’s debut full-length is the real deal.
Off-World - Haloed

Haloed’s Off-World Reworks Blade Runner’s Soundtrack into a Unique Sonic World (Review)

This ambient reimagining breaks down Vangelis’ original score and weaves it back together in new, intriguing ways.


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