Here’s a brief rundown of what my life looks like these days. Last updated October 9, 2020.


We’ve opted to homeschool all of our kids this year. (And by ​“we,” I really mean my wife Renae, who has done the lion’s share of the planning and coordination.) Combine that with me working from home for the foreseeable future — I’ve been working from home since March — and I think the biggest struggle we’ll face is figuring out how to give each other enough space. Which is something that’ll become all the more pressing as winter comes.

We also attended our church in-person on Sundary morning for the first time in months. Prior to that, we’ve been watching live streams on YouTube, which actually went better than we thought it might. However, there’s nothing like seeing and talking to friends and fellow congregants that you literally haven’t seen in months. (Masked and socially distanced, of course.)


I’ve been working on a bunch of HTML email designs lately, so I’ve had to revisit some web development techniques and skills that I haven’t touched in 15+ years. Sure, working with nested tables is a pain in the butt — I can’t count how many times I’ve had to implement a solution that feels incredibly convoluted and bulky, especially in this age of flexbox and CSS grid — but it’s also strangely nostalgic.


The New Girl is our current go-to viewing for when the kids have gone to bed and we need something goofy and absurd. We also started the first season of Cobra Kai. It’s too soon to have a fully-formed opinion, but our initial reactions were positive.

On my own, I’ve finally started watching The IT Crowd, a brilliant series that I should’ve watched long ago. On a related note, I’ve also been watching lots of random Richard Ayoade clips on YouTube (like this one).

As for animé, I’m currently watching Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These, a space opera/sci-fi series from the Production I.G. It’s very much a serious, ​“prestige” title as animé series go, and I hope to write more about it once I’m done.


On my wife’s recommendation, I began reading Hugh Howey’s Wool. Nothing earth-shattering, but nevertheless, an enjoyable and breezy read with a couple of nice twists. When I’m feeling a bit more ambitious, I try to tackle a chapter or two of David Zindell’s The Broken God, the first novel in his Requiem For Homo Sapiens trilogy. I really like his debut novel, Neverness, and The Broken God is set in the same world. It’s dense and convoluted, though, and very reminiscent of Gene Wolfe’s novels in terms of language and vocabulary as well as the crazy world-building.


I’m still getting together on a regular basis to play Dungeons & Dragons with my friends. However, now we do it via Zoom and Roll20. It’s still fun to play even remotely, but it just doesn’t compare to gathering around the same table to sling dice, tell stories, plan strategies, and consume copious amounts of junk food.

This page was inspired by Derek Sivers and Frosted Echoes.