A brief rundown of what my life looks like these days. Last updated January 1, 2022.


I began watching Amazon’s Wheel of Time, having been a fan of the Robert Jordan novels back in high school and college. I might pick it up again at a later date, but the first couple of episodes left me underwhelmed, especially when we have The Expanse. We only have three episodes left, and we are almost certainly going to miss the series when it’s over. As I’ve said time and again, it’s the best sci-fi series on TV.

We’re also finishing the final season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Given the various police-related controversies of the past year or so (e.g., George Floyd, Breonna Taylor), it’s understandable that the police-themed sit-com would need to make a few changes. Unfortunately, the changes seem to have robbed the show of a certain frivolity. Again, perhaps inevitable, but the lengths to which the show has gone to address current controversies feels surprisingly preachy and humorless and times.

On a whim, we began watching Welcome to Earth, in which Will Smith goes on various scientific expeditions. We’re only a couple of episodes in, and it’s been fascinating. Smith is as charismatic a host as you might expect, but his star power doesn’t outshine the natural wonders that are discussed and explored.

Marvel’s Hawkeye was pretty much what was to be expected. Better than WandaVision, not as enjoyable as Loki, but still solidly enjoyable. There’s something about Jeremy Renner’s exasperated “I just want to get home to my family” schtick that’s rather charming.


I’ve been re-reading Diane Duane’s The Wounded Sky, which might just be the most surreal Star Trek novel of all time.

Other novels that I’ve begun digging into include Becky Chambers’ A Psalm For the Well-Built and J. S. Dewes’ The Last Watch, both of which I saw on “best of 2021” lists. I’m also (finally) reading the Expanse novels, after having been a fan of the TV series for so long.


I beat Halo Infinite a few weeks ago. There’s a lot that I like about it (e.g., the grappleshot adds a whole new element of gameplay), but the open world-esque concept takes some getting used to. I’ll be really curious to see how they continue to build on the campaign with future DLC. I, for one, hope they dive deep into Halo lore. Having said that, I’ve been watching my son play through the first Halo trilogy, and they’re still the best overall.

We also got a few free month’s of Xbox Game Pass, which is a nice opportunity to finally play some games I’ve been meaning to check out for awhile now. I’ve begun playing Sable and Exo One, both of which I like, but the game I’m enjoying the most right now is Children of Morta, a delightfully retro-feeling fantasy RPG about a family of heroes battling ancient evils. The game would be worth playing for the gorgeous pixel-based artwork alone, but the family’s dynamics also add a charming layer to the game.

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