A brief rundown of what my life looks like these days. Last updated August 8, 2021.


Our family just finished watching The Mysterious Benedict Society on Disney+, which we thoroughly enjoyed. The series has a very Wes Anderson-esque feel, both in terms of its production design and its drily quirky sense of humor, but it still manages to feel like its own thing. And as a family, we definitely stan Constance Contraire. While I haven’t read any of the original books, I hope the fact that there are four books in the series bodes well for a few more seasons.

Aside from The Mysterious Benedict Society, we’ve been pretty fixated on the Olympics. While we’ve certainly been cheering on Simone Biles and the rest of Team USA — especially my wife, who got up at 3am twice to watch the women’s soccer team — we’ve also been cheering on Team Japan.


I took a break from usual sci-fi/fantasy regimen to check out a few non-fiction books. Ty Seidule’s Robert E. Lee and Me was an absolutely fascinating read, as the author wrestles with a childhood spent idolizing the traitorous Confederate general. But it’s also a heart-sickening read in that it exposes just how deeply the rot of racism has permeated our nation’s culture, and the extent to which the Confederacy’s lies continue to plague America over 150 years after the Civil War.

Other books that I’m making my way through include Thomas Cahill’s How the Irish Saved Civilization and Alan Lightman’s Probable Impossibilities.


My favorite video game franchise is the Halo franchise, so I’ve spent the last week or two playing through the Halo Master Chief Collection. The first Halo game is obviously a classic, but I think Halo 3 is my favorite game in the series. I’m currently making my way through Halo 5, which is enjoyable enough. However, while I appreciate the game’s increasingly convoluted mythology, the Prometheans aren’t nearly as compelling a foe as the Flood.

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