Speed Racer - The Wachowskis

Weekend Reads: Speed Racer, Misogyny in the Church, Cultural Appropriation, Boards of Canada, YouTube Rituals & more

Also: The Avengers, The Tree of Life, Tor Lundvall, Hollywood sexism, soldiers and America, and Sam Harris’s tribalism.
Gang Gang Dance

In Rotation: Gang Gang Dance, Dirk Serries, Aseul, Damien Jurado

Sleek ethereal pop, serene drones, South Korean dreampop, and lush indie-folk.
iMac G3

Apple’s iMac Turns 20

In a single stroke, Apple made computers fun, vibrant, hip, and personable again.
Batman Ninja - Junpei Mizusaki

Random Nerdery: Batman Ninja, Awaken Akira, Godzilla

A Japanese take on the Caped Crusader, fans pay homage to an iconic anime movie, and the Big G himself comes back to Netflix.
Avengers: Infinity War - The Russo Brothers

Random Thoughts About Avengers: Infinity War and the Future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Review)

The Marvel Cinematic Universe reaches an apocalyptic milestone ten years in the making.
Cocteau Twins

Weekend Reads: Dream Pop, Evangelion, Massive Attack, Beyoncé, Fake Instagram Celebrities & more

Also: “The Expanse,” movie monster science, “The Crow“‘s dark legacy, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, “Blue Velvet,” and what’s wrong the internet.
The Crow - Alex Proyas

May 2018’s Best Streaming Titles: The Bourne Ultimatum, Coco, The Crow, The Elephant Man & more

Also: Hellboy, a Danish post-apocalypse, Stallone vs. Snipes, Tonya Harding, Kubrick by way of Spielberg, and classic 007.

A Look at Gmail’s New Design

Google’s popular email service gets its first major redesign since 2011.
Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus Prayer

Watch The Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus Offer Up a “Prayer”

The band’s simple, sparse performance is sublime.
The Verve, Camden Town Hall, 1992

Watch The Verve’s Mind-Blowing 1992 Performance at London’s Camden Town Hall

This performance is proof that Nick McCabe was one of the ’90s true guitar gods.
WakandaForeverEver by J.Period

Black Panther Meets Outkast in J.PERIOD’s #WakandaForeverEver Mashup

The noted producer combines the “Black Panther” soundtrack with selections from the storied hip-hop duo’s discography.
Doo Lough, Ireland

Feeling Homesick for a Place You’ve Never Been

Exploring the German concept of “fernweh.”
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