Chasms Return with Limits EP, Tour with Telefon Tel Aviv (Review)

There’s a hint of darkness beneath the dreaminess that makes Chasms’ music all the more captivating.
Limits - Chasms

Chasms’ The Mirage was one of my favorite albums of 2019, thanks to its seductive blend of dreampop and dub (read my review). The duo is currently on tour with Telefon Tel Aviv, which makes for nice timing; Telefon Tel Aviv’s Joshua Eustis co-produced Chasms’ new Limits EP.

But Eustis’ involvement wisely doesn’t fix what ain’t broken. Limits is still undeniably Chasms.

Jess Labrador’s shimmering guitar and dreamy vocals still slide and glide effortlessly across a surface of reverb-laden beats. And there’s still an edge lurking just below the surface of the EP’s two songs, a hint of darkness — be it the blast of noise that opens the EP, a serpentine bassline, or the way in which Labrador’s ominous lyrics contrast with her ethereal voice — that makes the music all the more captivating.

As for the aforementioned tour with Telefon Tel Aviv, all of the dates and locations can be found on Chasms’ Facebook page.