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The Kill Bill Soundtrack Rocks (Review)

This probably kicks more ass than any soundtrack has a right to.

I picked up the Kill Bill soundtrack today at lunch, and it kicks serious ass. In fact, it probably kicks more ass than any soundtrack has a right to.

Nancy Sinatra’s ​“Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)” sounds like it was written just for a Tarantino flick, with its warm reverb and sad, wisftul lyrics. I want Isaac Hayes’ ​“Run Fay Run” as my own personal soundtrack when I walk into a room (in slow-motion, of course, and ready to kick ass and take names later). Not only does Tomoyasu Hotei’s ​“Battle Without Honor or Humanity” have what is perhaps the greatest song title in history, but every time I hear it I feel like I could take on a room full of Crazy 88’s. The same goes for Santa Esmerelda’s flamenco-ized ​“Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood.”

The Flower Of Carnage” (taken, I believe, from Lady Snowblood) lends the perfect amount of melancholy and sadness, like something that would play as the blood-splattered hero(ine) wanders off into the sunset to face an alien future. An image which is continued by Zamfir’s ​“The Lonely Shepherd.”

The only downside of the disc is The RZA’s ​“Ode To Oren Ishii.” The music is amazing and gut-wrenching, but it’s all but ruined by RZA’s horrible rhymes and MC’ing. Oh well…

And like the soundtrack, I loved the movie, though not for the reasons you might think. More on that when I post my review later this week.

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