This record is funny, elegant, and intense at the same time. The perfect sountrack for one of the following: a documentary about a night in the big city; or for a reunion with your friends in a night in which you preferred to stay in the house, or in a Café, instead of hanging out at a club; or even for an indie comedy about the frivolous lives of rich people.

Kistchy yet intense is the correct description of this catchy album. Unlike their previous albums, The Impossible World begins to flirt a bit with electronics, but without deviating from their retro influence. Like Air or Stereolab, Combustible Edison have caught sounds from the past, and adapted them to the future. Unlike those bands, Combustible Edison does it while also adding accessibility and lots of humour. For instance, pay attention to Miss Lilly Banquet’s way of singing: it’s a comedy show for the ears.

Combustible Edison is a fresh breath of fun and frivolity in the middle of people who made dark and/​or deep music. And with The Impossible World, they express that to the fullest. Beginners should look for this record; it’ll leave you wanting more.

Written by Pekky Marquez.