First Class Gun EP by William's Eve (Review)

Most EPs fail with me, but this one just keeps me wanting more.
First Class Gun EP - William's Eve

From the opening track “Shallow,” William’s Eve has you hooked. Hooked is actually a nice word… it’s more like they take you by the head with a sickle, throw you against the wall and pound you in the face with their blistering music. Their EP First Class Gun only dissapoints because there’s 5 songs on it. I want more of this band.

Ryan Olde’s singing goes with the aggressive assault that his band supplies him with. It’s music you can make out to while watching some hardcore gore horror film. And coming from me, that’s an orgasmic experience. Screaming in music can sometimes fail miserably or be essential to the songs themselves. This album would only work with a singer who can hit the high points and the growls Ryan can.

Most EPs fail with me, but this one just keeps me wanting more. So William’s Eve, give me more. Now! I need to hear what else you got up your sleeves. Another quality release from Creep Records. What else is new? Damn, I’ve been getting some good music as of late, if you hadn’t noticed. This is Brand New the way they should be… but alas, Brand New fails the hardcore test. William’s Eve passes with flying colors. Go buy this album now!

I give them 8.5 out of 10.

Written by James McCormick.