The Animatrix

I just finished watching all 9 episodes of The Animatrix, and it was incredible, to say the least. Of course, if you’ve done your downloading, you’ve already seen 4 of the episodes (“The Second Renaissance, Parts 1 and 2″, ​“Program”, and ​“Detective Story”).

While all of them were great, I’d have to say my absolute favorite episode was ​“Beyond”. In it, a group of kids find a glitch in the Matrix which manifests itself as a haunted house where reality seems to bend and stretch. The animation was so gorgeous, possessing a dreamlike feel that was perfectly in tune with the episode’s storyline.

Not surprisingly, both of Shinichiro Watanabe’s episodes were highlights as well. Watanabe’s work with ​“Cowboy Bebop” shouldn’t really need any introduction, and ​“Detective Story” picks up right where ​“Bebop” left off, style-wise. The 1940s film noir setting is incredible, and the music was my favorite out of all the episodes. ​“Kid’s Story” opts for a slightly different route, with the animation very reminiscent of Waking Lifes surreal style.

All in all, a very impressive collection that adds quite a bit of flavor to the Matrix world. The episodes bring a lot of different concepts and ideas to the table, and I wonder if any of them will pop up in the movies. Given the fact that the Matrix video game ties in with the movies, I wouldn’t at all be surprised.