Writing For a Newsfeed

As you may have noticed, Opus the website has been non-existent while I’ve been working on and implementing the redesign. In order to make sure that things didn’t go public before I was ready to reveal them, and as an experiment, Opus has existed primarily as a newsfeed for the last couple of weeks or so. And while it was frustrating to me that it took so long to get the new design in place, it was also liberating.

With Opus existing only as a newsfeed, it freed me to think less about how the content that I was posting — blog entries, music and movie reviews, etc. — might look, and focus more on just the actual writing itself, on just posting content in general. Sometimes I get so paralyzed with posting, trying to make sure that my content is laid out nice and neat, and as such, I post less, if at all. But with a newsfeed, that’s a total non-issue. All that matters is the content, the actual writing — which is as it should be.