Writ on Water Autumn 2008 Updates

Update: I received a note from the band pointing out that the remix of “Wondertime” that’s currently on their MySpace page is not the same version that will be on the Wunderzeit! EP; the one on the EP is, to quote the band, “much more remixy’.” Additionally, Wunderzeit! will be much more acoustic in nature, remixes notwithstanding.

A couple of things are happening on the Writ on Water front, following their release earlier this year of A Wingless King:

  1. A remix of “Wondertime” by Travelogue’s Jon Sonnenberg has just been posted on Writ on Water’s MySpace page. It’s not a radical departure from the original, but adds in some of the electronica goodness you might expect from Sonnenberg.
  2. The band will be releasing two new EPs next month: Ancestral Echo and Wunderzeit!. The EPs will be released on a single disc, and will contain two remixes, including the aforementioned remix of “Wondertime.”

More details can be found on the band’s homepage.

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