I know that I’ve got a ton of great CDs to review and share with you all, and more seem to arrive everyday. However, right now, all I can seem to listen to is the Whisper of the Heart soundtrack that I picked up while in Toronto.

I’m sure that much of my appreciation stems from the fact that listening to it conjures up all sorts of wonderful scenes from that amazing Studio Ghible film. However, it’s been so long since I’ve listened to music as graceful and full of magic as this. Even the film’s version of John Denver’s “Country Roads,” set to a Renaissance Fair-esque tune, fills me with emotion because it reminds me of Shizuku’s joy at discovering the beauty inside her creation, the beauty inside herself.

I’m tempted to review the soundtrack, but I fear trying to capture its spirit in words would somehow cheapen these songs. It’s rumored that Disney will be released Whisper of the Heart domestically by year’s end. I sincerely hope that is the case, because it’s a wonderful movie (as if Studio Ghibli has put anything but wonderful films). Hopefully, they’ll release the soundtrack too, like they did for Princess Mononoke, because it’s a beautiful piece of work.

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