“What I Feel In Some Places” by The Mary Onettes

The Swedish band returns with their first new music in four years.

Has it really been four years since we’ve heard new music from The Mary Onettes, aka, one of Sweden’s finest rock bands? Their “Cola Falls” single came out in 2018 — and was one of my favorite songs from that year — so I guess the math checks out. But still… (To be fair, frontman Philip Ekström has been busy writing music for commercials and films, like 2019’s Endings, Beginnings.)

What I Feel In Some Places” is filled with the the band’s trademark brand of melancholy and moodiness. The ’80s-isms are less pronounced than the band’s earlier material — though the guitars still have a beautifully Cure-ish tone to them — but Ekström’s voice and lyrics are still as delightfully mopey as ever, especially when he sings “I wish my heart could be that real again.”

“What I Feel In Some Places” was released earlier this month on the Welfare label and is currently only available on streaming services. Hopefully, it’s a sign of more new music to come from the Swedes, because four years is far too long.