The We Wonder Lent Podcast

New episodes will be released every Monday and every day of Holy Week.
We Wonder: Lent

Back in January, I wrote about We Wonder’s excellent Advent podcast which offered thoughtful meditations on the story of Advent. Our family listened to it regularly and I look forward to it becoming a regular part of our Advent celebrations in the future.

Needless to say, I’m thrilled that We Wonder is also doing podcasts for both Lent and Easter. The Lent series begins on Ash Wednesday (February 26), with new episodes every Monday followed by episodes for each day of Holy Week. Several preliminary Lent episodes are already available and explain the significance of the Lent season.

As for the Easter episodes, We Wonder’s Sarah Dahl has launched a Patreon campaign to help with production costs; the plan is to do “twice-weekly Easter episodes exploring stories from the gospels.”

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