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The Violet Burning Are Planning Three New Albums for 2018

This will be the first new music from the Violets since 2011.
The Violet Burning
The Violet Burning’s Michael J. Pritzl (Facebook)

In their most recent email newsletter, The Violet Burning — who, for the record, released my favorite worship album of all time — announced that they’re putting the finishing touches on three new albums, all of which are planned for a 2018 release. Titles are still in flux, but as of right now, the albums will be titled:

  • Songs and Prayers of the Satellite Heart
  • Tonight, We’re the Falling Stars
  • Tonight, My Guitar is Full of Tears

To help fund the new albums, the band’s offering various preorder packages (the recently announced third album isn’t available for preorder yet) and even an equipment sale. Album preorders will come with bonus EPs featuring new music, including this beautiful cover of Delta Spirit’s ​“California,” which transforms the original rollicking tune into a haunting ballad.

These three new albums will be first new music from the Violets since their 2011 triple-album The Story of Our Lives, which the band released on their own. For more details, read the full email newsletter here.

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