“Un​-​Savage” by Luxury

The legendary indie-rock quintet return with a collection of unreleased material.

According to their Facebook page, Luxury have been working on new material as recently as last month, and the thought of a new Luxury album feels me with joy. (If you haven’t heard 2015’s excellent Trophies, then you don’t know what you’re missing.)

In the meantime, the very excellent Burnt Toast Vinyl label is releasing a one-sided LP that contains a single from Trophies, two unreleased songs from the Trophies sessions, and two unreleased demos. The LP’s first single, “Un-Savage,” is one of those Trophies session songs, and it’s a raucous, rollicking number that shows off the band’s strengths, from their punchy guitar riffs to Lee Bozeman’s rich vocals.

The full digital version of the LP will be released on November 1. Physical copies will be released in late October/early November.

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