Too Much, Too Little

The past few days have been incredibly busy, more of a blur than anything else. I’m really looking forward to the Lift to Experience show this weekend, but I’m also quite nervous… hoping a lot of people come, that the music lives up to my expectations, that I don’t come across like a huge dork… the usual.

And then, it’s off to Cornerstone. I’m still trying to get ready, though I still have a hard time believing that it’s (literally) right around the corner.

On the music front, recent listens have included an excellent compilation from Blisscent Records (featuring Skywave, Au Revoir Borealis, and Love Spirals), Arvo Part’s “Alina” (which has soothed my way to sleep every night for the past 2 weeks or so), and plenty of goodies from BlueSanct.