The Wit and Wisdom of Sufjan Stevens

Sufjan Stevens, from the Oct/​Nov 2005 issue of Plan B Magazine:

This is what it means to be born again: to fully and completely disengage with the preconceptions and preoccupations of the adult world and its religions, to dismantle all laws — of physics and society — and yield yourself to the birth canal, and what comes after, in which everything begins to shake and tremble with all senses fully turned to the centre of the universe, the creator, God the Father, in whose cultivation we begin to know and understand our true selves, our real selves, as a reflection of God’s image, his creation, like newborn babies, full, fresh, suckling, elated and laughing at everything… I’d like to spend less time talking about God and more time being in God’s presence. I think that would put an end to this conversation, once and for all.

And people wonder I admire the guy so much.

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