The Third Eye Foundation Returns with The Dark

It’s been ten years since the last Third Eye Foundation album, 2000’s Little Lost Soul. Since then, all of Matt Elliott’s subsequent albums — e.g., 2003’s The Mess We Made, 2005’s Drinking Songs — have been released under his own name, thus effectively retiring the Third Eye Foundation moniker. Which made sense: Elliott’s albums moved in a distinctly different direction than The Third Eye Foundation, eschewing harsh breakbeats for more organic, folk-influenced instrumentation and arrangements.

However, if the “trailer” below is any indication, than The Third Eye Foundation’s The Dark appears to have blended the two sides of Elliott’s musical brain. The so-called “drill n’ bass” breakbeats that characterized such albums as 1997’s Ghost and The Sound of Violence merge with the creepy, world weary orchestrations of 2003’s The Mess We Made to create something that sounds really quite intriguing.

More information can be found here. The Dark will be released on November 8 by Ici D’Ailleurs.

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