The Eye of the Brain

If you ever needed a reason to download QuickTime (aside from viewing kick-ass movie trailers), then The Brain is as good as any. Updated every Monday with a slew of news, reviews, and release dates, each issue of The Brain also includes a (usually lengthy) QuickTime clip spotlighting some intriquing band.

For instance, this morning’s Brain featured a nice clip of The Clientele (which, if you’ve read our reviews, you’ll know is one of the finest pop groups out there). The video has some great concert footage of the band at their woozy-dooziest, with clips of “Bicycles” (my fave Clientele song) and “Reflections After Jane.”

The Out Hud/!!! video is also a great one, if only to hear some new Out Hud material (which sounds just sick!) and to see a killer live rendition of “Intensify.” The Broadcast clip is nice as well, and makes me wish I’d really gone to see them a few weeks ago. And there are plenty more where these came from, just go through the archives.

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