“Sunrise” by Starflyer 59

The third single from the band’s next album, due out this October.

A few years ago, it seemed like there might never be another new Starflyer 59 album. There was a certain finality about 2019’s Young in My Head that made the album seem like the capstone to a great musical career. But here we are in 2021, and Jason Martin’s long-running band is, well, still running.

Starflyer 59’s latest album, Vanity, will be out this October on Velvet Blue Music. In the lead-up, several singles from the album have already dropped. The most recent is “Sunrise,” and compared to the previous singles — “Life In Bed” and “Like To Lose” — it’s about as upbeat a tune as you’re likely to hear from Martin.

Against his trademark surf‑y guitars and classic fuzz-laden sound, Martin sounds almost carefree as he sings “I’m melancholy in the evening time/I know the day’s problems fill up my mind/So blue, is this my life?/Until I see the sunrise/I don’t care anymore.” Any new Starflyer tune is a happy day here at Opus HQ, and “Sunrise” keeps that streak going.

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