The Strange World of Current 93

Aimee Armstrong offers a brief introduction to the strange and inimitable music of David Tibet and Current 93:

The world of Current 93 is a darkly splendid one. At its centre is David Michael Bunting, who’s better known by his Genesis P‑Orridge given name, David Tibet. After four decades as the inner cog of the project, Tibet’s perverse vernacular has cemented him as one of the great unsung English poets. His lyrics are decadent and often esoteric, but at their core these songs are both beautiful and tragic. He writes words that are informed as much by gnostic poetry as the love and loss of his own pet cats.

Current 93 is one of those groups that I find endlessly fascinating and intriguing, though I confess I rarely listen to their music. But their legacy is hard to avoid, as their shadow looms large over several realms of music that I frequently explore, particularly neo-folk.

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