“Stormurinn” by Kælan Mikla

The Icelandic synth-punk trio’s latest single is a darkly spellbinding tune.

The Icelandic synth-punk trio Kælan Mikla originally formed in 2013 to compete in a poetry competition. Since then, they’ve released four albums and several EPs and toured with the likes of Alcest, The Cure, and Drab Majesty. Their fifth album, Undir Köldum Norðurljósum, will be released later this fall, and if “Stormurinn” is any indication, it could very well be their strongest release to date.

With its blend of wintry atmospherics, synth arpeggios à la Makeup and Vanity Set, haunting flute melodies, and Laufey Soffía Þórsdóttir’s enchanting vocals, “Stormurinn” is simply spellbinding, and manages to sound futuristic and ancient all at once. If you’ve ever seen photos of Iceland’s beautiful landscapes, then it’s easy to imagine how such vistas might inspire music this haunting and otherworldly.

Undir Köldum Norðurljósum will be released on October 15 by Artoffact Records and is currently available for pre-order.

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