Spring Gun

I suppose it could be argued that the fact that I once played in a band with two members of Spring Gun might somewhat color or bias my opinion of their music. But even if we’d had a big falling out, the knock down, drag out kind you only really see on shows like “Behind The Music,” I’d still be forced to admit that their music is really damn good.

The six tracks on their new self-released EP, Lover Slain, contain all manner of influences. There’s a little classic U2 in the chiming guitar tones, a love for volcanic climaxes à la Mogwai, a whee bit of Grizzly Bear-style psychedelia — and is that a little My Morning Jacket-esque whimsy I hear now and again? But the foursome do a fine, fine job of synthesizing all of those sounds into a style all their own that is affecting, lively, exciting, and perhaps most importantly, joyous (just listen to “Crystal“ s lovely ukelele strains and swaying climax).

I now feel a little ashamed that I’ve yet to see the boys in concert, despite only living 45 minutes away from Omaha, where they play many of their shows. But hopefully, I’ll get to experience the crescendoes of “Good Kings” or “Three Rings” in person soon (and if I know Nate at all, they’ll be freakin’ louder than loud).

So kudos to old friends, and for what it’s worth, I’m really proud of and excited for you guys.

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