Alright, so I said that I wouldn’t be adding anything new to the site before the weekend. But just think of this is a little fall cleaning, posting stuff that has been lying around for awhile.

A South Korean director is planning on digitally recreating Bruce Lee to star in a new movie. The whole idea is intriguing, but I’m a little skeptical. It feels, I don’t know, irreverent… and you know this guy will be under some serious pressure, since this is Bruce Lee we’re talking about.

I nearly jumped out of my chair when I read this… there’s a new Godzilla movie coming out, with a guy in a suit and everything! Watch the trailer and you’ll see what I mean. If you haven’t watched Godzilla 2000, do yourself a favor and rent it as soon as possible.

And oh yeah… there’s a new Star Wars trailer (just in case you were in a cave or something).

And for those of you who tend to take music a little more seriously than most… Splendid’s “15 Musical Moments That Are Simply Orgasmic.” Josh Kazman gets bonus points for giving shout outs to Friends Of Dean Martinez and Sigur Ros.