Sharing the Sharing

Are MP3 blogs the new mixtape? It certainly seems to be that way, as blogs all over the Web are quickly becoming one of the best ways to find new music. Not only do you find new songs and artists, but you also get people’s thoughts and comments, as well as further recommendations.

Case in point: 3Hive. I just stumbled across this site from MeFi, and I’m digging it in a big way. Tons of links to a lot of really cool artists, some of whom I’ve been wanting to check out for awhile, plus a couple of ​“golden oldies” (like that David Sylvian bootleg).

As of right now, I’ve really enjoyed checking out the tracks from Juez (a so-called ​“breakbeat-klezmer-jazz”), the aforelinked Daydream Nation, and Epic45.

And speaking of MP3s, be sure to drop by Opus’ HiFi for a few more.