Rooster… Giant Ones

I would love to be in Belgium on December 6; Vidna Obmana will be opening for Low. This is one of those pairings you wouldn’t normally imagine, and yet it makes it perfect sense.

I just finished watching Jet Li’s Last Hero In China. I don’t know about you, but there’s just something about watching Jet Li take on a flamethrower-equipped centipede while dressed as a rooster. At times, the movie felt like it was trying to cash in on Jackie Chan’s schtick, complete with drunken boxing and outtakes during the credits. But I still found it very enjoyable. It was nice to watch an early ’90s HK movie again; they seem to have an energy about them that’s missing from more recent HK movies.

I just realized how idiosyncratic this entry seems… what with Low, Vidna Obmana, and human roosters. Hmmm…