Requiem For A Newsfeed

After giving it some thought, I’ve decided to start retiring some sections of the site, sections that don’t really serve any purpose or seem a little out of place as the site morphs and evolves. Not only does this help keep Opus nice and streamlined, but it also helps pave the way for some new, more radical changes that are on the proverbial horizon.

For starters, I’ve decided to do away with the Newsfeed. It seemed a bit redundant, especially seeing as how the Cool Sites section (which really needs to be renamed) was essentially serving the same purpose. Initially, the Newsfeed was just a way for me to post quick links to intriguing news articles, with nothing more than a headline and a URL. However, I recently started adding comments, which made them look an awful lot like the Cool Sites area.

They both began serving the exact same purposes, with only relatively minor differences. I don’t really care too much for redundancy, and so I’m just getting rid of one of them altogether.

I’m not deleting the page anytime soon, and I may try to merge both sections’ content into something altogether new. But the Newsfeed is officially deprecated as of today.