The Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus’ ‘Beauty’ Is Finally Here to Save the World

In addition to standard LP, CD, and digital editions, the album is also available in two very limited quantity “deluxe” editions.
Beauty Will Save the World, RAIJ

It’s been nearly two decades, but The Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus have released a new album. Let’s just let that sink in, OK?

Honestly, there was a time when, if you would’ve told me that The Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus — arguably one of the most obscure and secretive bands I’ve ever known — was going to release a new album, I would’ve dismissed it as pure rumor and conjecture. However, the last two years have found the Army emerging from the shadows and entering a period of near-frenzied activity: to date, they’ve re-released their back catalog, played concerts and festivals, and finally, recorded and released Beauty Will Save the World. Heck, they’ve even joined Facebook.

The album, which is now out on LP, CD, and digital download via England’s Occultation Recordings, is a lovely work. While not as harsh or industrial as some of their earlier material, Beauty Will Save the World is still a challenging and ultimately rewarding and entrancing album. The group’s blend of folk and sacred music, electronics, field recordings, and film samples are still very much in spellbinding effect. (Listen to “A Crowd of Stars” below for a perfect example of the band’s sublime power.) I think fans will very much agree that it was worth the wait.

And as if the release wasn’t already special enough, Occultation Recordings has prepared two “deluxe” editions of Beauty Will Save the World. Both “deluxe” editions include the following items: LP and CD versions of the album (plus a digital download of all tracks), poster, badge, art print, and three postcards. However, the “deluxe plus” addition also comes with a cassette copy of the album. Needless to say, both “deluxe” editions are available in very limited quantities and they’re only available by filling out this request form.