The Quest RPG Announces Two New Kickstarter Campaigns for 2021

The indie RPG has announced some big plans for the coming year.
Quest RPG Cover Image
(Grim Wilkins)

In the world of role-playing games, the venerable Dungeons & Dragons still reigns supreme. However, a number of other RPG titles have emerged in recent years that, while not necessarily threatening to dethrone D&D, nevertheless show a lot of promise in their own right, and offer cool experiences for players seeking something a little different.

One such game is Quest, a tabletop RPG that launched in 2018 with a successful Kickstarter campaign, and has been lauded for both its stunning design and its simpler, even whimsical approach to role-playing and storytelling.

In a recent blog post, The Adventure Guild (the creators of Quest) announced that they’ll be launching two new Kickstarter campaigns in 2021. The first campaign, which will be launched on February 1, 2021, will fund the production of two new game books — a character catalog and a treasure catalog — and their corresponding card decks. Re. the character catalog:

From terrifying monsters to friendly companions and worthy adversaries, the catalog has a balance of menacing creatures to fight and characters worth chatting and developing relationships with. In addition to creature archetypes, the catalog includes a number of named characters who you can use to interact with the players in deeper ways.

And re. the treasure catalog:

The Quest Game Book and Digital Edition come with 100 treasure items, and we’re doubling that amount for new standalone treasure products. Like the Character Deck, the Treasure Deck will contain individual cards for each of our 200 items. Each card will feature the original black card face with a foil imprint, while the card backs have been redesigned to emphasize readability.

The character and treasure books will be illustrated by Grim Wilkins and Marianna Learmonth, both of whom lent their talents to the original Quest release. (I’m especially fond of Wilkins’ vibrant and fantastical artwork.)

As exciting as the possibility of new Quest game books and cards is, though, I’m even more excited about the second Kickstarter campaign, which will fund Quest’s first expansion set, Quest: Cosmic Fantasy Edition.

The new expansion “is based on sci-fi and space fantasy, with seven exciting new roles, new role-neutral abilities, and a starship catalog” and will feature additional rules “to drive storytelling in a galactic setting, including a starship system that allows you to modify your ship and use it like an extension of your role’s special abilities.” While I like Quest’s approach to “traditional” fantasy role-playing, the idea of its whimsical and fantastical aesthetic being blended with starships and outer space seems full of really cool possibility.

The “Cosmic Fantasy” Kickstarter campaign will launch “in the back half” of 2021, with more updates to come in the preceding months.

In the meantime, if you’ve been wanting to get into role-playing games but find Dungeons & Dragons a bit intimidating, or you’re a veteran D&D-er looking for something a bit simpler to set up and run, then I definitely recommend giving Quest a try.

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