PopMatters reviews Burn Notice Season Two

PopMatters reviews Burn Notice: Season Two, which recently came out on DVD:

Burn Notice’s strengths come from its reworking of a classic premise: a spy putting his skills to use against the bad guys while helping the good guys. For instance, the series shies away from the protagonists directly killing their adversaries. Instead the show creates clever scenarios wherein the villains are pitted against each other to do the real dirty work, while never really making an issue of the team’s preferred method of dealing with an opponent. Campbell goes on to say as much in one of the commentaries when he refers to this tactic of dealing with enemies as “a higher moral ground than taking a live wire and just sticking it in their ear for half an hour.”

I was thinking something similar at the end of last night’s episode, during which the villain is slowly caught in a web of their own making and eventually left high and dry when their carefully constructed plans come crashing down around them (thanks, of course, to our heroes’ efforts).