Filmmaker Seán Doran’s Orbit ​“is a real time reconstruction of time lapse photography taken on board the International Space Station by NASA’s Earth Science & Remote Sensing Unit.” Via Jason Kottke, who writes:

This is easily the most awe-inspiring and jaw-dropping thing I’ve seen in months. In its low Earth orbit ~250 miles above our planet, the International Space Station takes about 90 minutes to complete one orbit of the Earth. Fewer than 600 people have ever orbited our planet, but with this realtime video by Seán Doran, you can experience what it looks like from the vantage point of the IIS for the full 90 minutes.

Regardless of how you’re feeling after yesterday’s election — for what it’s worth, I’m feeling exhausted and disappointed, but also sadly unsurprised — it’s good to be reminded that life and the world is bigger than American politics. Just make sure you watch the video at the highest resolution possible in order to fully appreciate the breathtaking images.

On a geekier note, watching this video feels rather apropos considering that I started watching the third season of The Expanse — easily the best pure sci-fi show I’ve seen in years — last night.