Opus Subscriptions Are Go!

The very first subscriber exclusive has been posted to the Opus Substack page.
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The very first subscriber-exclusive playlist has been posted to the Opus Substack page, and the complementary song breakdown podcast will be added shortly. If you want to get a sample of what these exclusives are like before you become a paying subscriber, click here to get the sample Spotify playlist and here to listen to my podcast breaking down DJ Shadow’s “Building Steam With a Grain of Salt.”

On a personal note, it’s been a lot of fun writing, recording, and producing the two podcast episodes that are currently available. I’ve been on podcasts before, but I’ve never recorded my own. I’m using a very simple set-up — sorry, no $200 microphone (yet) — but I’d like to think that the DIY-ness is part of the charm.

If you’ve missed the news about Opus subscriptions, this post will catch you up.

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