Needs More Butter

For the past couple of years, Renae and I have been involved in a revolving dinner with a number of friends who all live within walking (or biking) distance. We simply call it “Community Dinner,” and it takes place every Tuesday night at a different household.

The lineup of households has changed, as people have moved into and out of the neighborhood, but the basic idea is the same: we all want to experience some measure of community and fellowship, and there’s something about sharing a meal that encourages those things. Admittedly, said fellowship might not be of the deepest or most spiritual variety all the time — sometimes it gets downright goofy and puerile — but it’s still something we look forward to quite a bit.

Plus, there’s the fact that it’s one night out of the week on which we don’t have to cook dinner, but rather, can enjoy a surprise for our evening meal. We never know if it’s Japanese cuisine (courtesy of our missionaries-to-be), pancakes and waffles, cheap pizza and beer, or something else entirely.

As a way to extend the community, we — or rather, the womenfolk — have just started up a new recipe blog called Needs More Butter. A number of the recipes will be for things that we’ve enjoyed during Community Dinner, such as “Ritz Chicken,” though there will be other things as well. Renae is encouraging me to post some recipes as well — yes, I have been known to mix and bake from time to time — and so I’m trying to think of some. But I don’t know how many people will be interested in my method for making a bowl of Wheaties.

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