More Bracken

Earlier this year, Bracken (aka Chris Adams) released his debut full-length, We Know About The Need (my review), on Anticon Records. Now, just a few months after that record’s release, Bracken is gearing up for a second full-length release — though this one has a twist to it.

Entitled Eno About The Need, the full-length will only be released as a double vinyl release. What’s more, only one copy will be released. That copy, however, will be sent around the world to those folks who request it on Bracken’s MySpace page.

The first recipient will be sent the album on March 12, 2007, will listen to it, and then pass it on to the next person in the chain — or so goes the plan. Those who receive it are encouraged to modify the record’s sleeve, post up a photo of it, or just generally do something stupid with it, and warned that keeping it just spoils it for everyone. (Of course, one wonders how long it’ll be before some enterprising soul posts a copy of the album on BitTorrent for those of us who aren’t vinyl-heads.)

Musically, the album has a dronier, more experimental bent than We Know About The Need, and is being described as “sweepings from the cutting room floor” — leftover bits and pieces from the sessions that produced We Know About The Need.