Mike Hertenstein on this year’s Flickerings

Mike Hertenstein on programming this year’s Flickerings:

Therefore, in 2009, Flickerings will be most pleased to revisit Kieslowski’s marvelous “Post Cold War” trilogy — but as one track in a program which also features several recent films that engage both the European continent and idea on this far side of the fallen Wall. In This World is a sort of “neo neorealist” look at Westward migrations, here through the eyes of young Afghans. The Edge of Heaven captures the entwinement of Turkey with a Germany only recently reunited with itself. The Class is last year’s Cannes winner, a story of non-white immigrant students contending with a white European establishment. And The Visitor brings the great transformation to America, as a lonely college professor is drawn into the lives of illegal immigrants, and is himself transformed. Taken together, the Three Colors, with all the additional colors these other films contribute, should create spectacular viewing and discussion experiences.

I have no doubt that it will.

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