mewithoutYou on MTV

mewithoutYou appeared on MTV Live back in August, and in the site’s own words, delivered “one of the most emotionally-charged performances we’ve had yet”. Not that I’m surprised. I saw the band back in June, and was simply blown away by their chaotic, unhinged energy.

You can find several clips from the performance — including “Four Word Letter, Pt. 2” and “Tie Me Up! Untie Me!” — right here. Unfortunately, I can’t attest to their quality.

Seems that if you’re using anything other than a Windows machine, you’re out of luck. The broadband videos are hosted on MTV’s “Overdrive”, which uses Windows DRM software to “protect” their videos. And the low bandwidth videos just don’t seem to work period (though I do get to see a nice advertisement for the new Honda Civic).

Ah well, I can always look at the photos (one of which you can glimpse in the masthead above).

In other mewithoutYou/MTV news, the band was nominated for the 2005 MTVU “Woodie Awards”, in the “Left Field” category, where they’re up against the likes of The Arcade Fire and M.I.A. And while you can’t easily watch the video for “January 1979” there — same DRM issues, natch — you can watch it on Tooth & Nail’s website in glorious QuickTime.

Thanks to Nicholas for the 411.

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