Love Spirals Downwards Reissues

Love Spirals Downwards

Back in the mid-to-late 1990s, I became very enamored with the “darkwave” genre of music, due in large part to the Projekt label. Which in many ways was a spiritual successor to the classic 4AD sounds of yore, back when artists such as Cocteau Twins, Dead Can Dance, and This Mortal Coil were releasing such lovely albums as Heaven or Las Vegas, Into the Labyrinth, and It’ll End in Tears (respectively).

One of the chief Projekt artists from that time were Love Spirals Downwards, a duo that consisted of Ryan Lum (guitars and electronics) and Suzanne Perry (vocals). Projekt have recently reissued Love Spirals Downwards’ first two albums, 1992’s Idylls and 1994’s Arbor. Both reissues have been remastered and feature three bonus tracks, including remixes and live performances.

In related news, Lum’s new band, Lovespirals (which formed after the demise of Love Spirals Downwards after Flux (my review) in 1998), has released a new album entitled Long Way From Home on their own Chillcuts label. Lovespirals continues the dreamy, 4AD-inspired ethic of Love Spirals Downwards, while adding in soulful jazz and electronica flourishes.

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