Labrador Summer Sampler 2008

Sweden’s finest pop label offers up 30 free tracks to make your summer even brighter.

Oh Labrador… you’ve already won my heart completely and utterly with your incredible pop music, what more can I ask for? And yet, you keep giving and giving. Case in point, your Summer Sampler 2008, a free MP3 compilation that boasting thirty tracks from many of the label’s luminaries, including The Mary Onettes, Club 8, Acid House Kings, and Suburban Kids With Biblical Names.


  1. [Ingenting] — “Här Kommer Solen”
  2. The Sound of Arrows — “Danger!”
  3. Sambassadeur — “Final Say”
  4. Suburban Kids With Biblical Names — “Funeral Face”
  5. Pelle Carlberg — “I Love You, You Imbecile”
  6. Club 8 — “You And Me”
  7. Johan Hedberg — “Grammisgalan”
  8. The Radio Dept. — “Freddie and the Trojan Horse”
  9. Sambassadeur — “Subtle Changes”
  10. Tribeca — “Her Breast Were Still Small”
  11. Chasing Dorotea — “Dark Angel”
  12. The Mary Onettes — “Explosions”
  13. The Legends — “Darling”
  14. Leslies — “Take A Look”
  15. Irene — “By your side”
  16. Pelle Carlberg — “Go to Hell, Miss Rydell”
  17. Club 8 — “Jesus, Walk with Me (The Sound of Arrows remix)”
  18. Suburban Kids With Biblical Names — “Trumpets and Violins”
  19. Acid House Kings — “Start Anew”
  20. Irene — “Little Lovin”
  21. The Radio Dept. — “Pet Grief”
  22. Club 8 — “Whatever you Want”
  23. Acid House Kings — “This Heart Is A Stone”
  24. Loveninjas — “Little Black Friends”
  25. [Ingenting] — “Släpp In Solen”
  26. Caroline Soul — “Been Turning (Into Something Bad)”
  27. Acid House Kings — “Sunday Morning”
  28. Johan Hedberg — “Var Dig Själv”
  29. The Legends — “Make It All Right”
  30. The Sound of Arrows — “Danger! (Ice cream shout)”

Note: It looks like a lot of folks are taking advantage of Labrador’s generosity: if you download the sampler right now, you might have to wait awhile. Of course, this is Labrador, so it’ll be worth the wait, but you might want to brew up a batch of lemonade while you’re waiting. Then you’ll have something to go with your new summer mix.

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