July Skies, Avrocar, El Heath appear on Guidance Records’ Japan benefit compilation

July Skies (Band)

Guidance Records have just released their second compilation of exclusive tracks, titled Belas Knap. The line-up includes an impressive roster of ambient pop/post-rock artists, including perennial Opus favorites July Skies, two July Skies side projects (She Woke At Cirencester, Juliasette), Avrocar, and El Heath. You can listen to Belas Knap here as well as download it. (Downloads require a donation to the British Red Cross’ Japan tsunami appeal.)

Here’s the complete tracklisting for Belas Knap:

  1. Redpoint — Near Bathpool
  2. And I Watched Her Walk Away — Letting Her Go
  3. July Skies — Out In The Sun
  4. Chapelfields — Fenu
  5. She Woke At Cirencester — Little Steps
  6. Avrocar — Towa Czarina
  7. El Heath — day level
  8. And I Watched Her Walk Away — Nothing Lost
  9. My Love For You Emperor — Sun Handle
  10. Seek2track0 — Soyuz
  11. Juliasette — K6 : Wroughton (Midsummer version)
  12. Treesbygb — We’ll Meet Here Next Year