Jonathan Inc. makes up for “Lost:Time”

Jonathan Inc.‘s Lost:Time picks up right where the band left off six years ago.

Has it really been six years since Jonathan Inc. released Things Done and Left Undone?! My how time flies, and yet, good music sticks with you even after it seems like the band has disappeared off the face of the earth. Case in point: I still find the melody from “Cat Burglar” running through my head every now and then.

But the long wait is over: Jonathan Inc. are back with a new album entitled, appropriately enough, Lost:Time. The album will be released as a limited edition 180mg white vinyl release on July 6, 2010 and will also come with a downloadable version of the album for your favorite portable music player.

Musically speaking, Lost:Time picks up right where Things Done and Left Undone left off, as if the last six years never happened — which translates as elegant, lush-yet-subdued dream pop. Or, as the band puts it, “beard core for your soul.”

Listen to Lost:Time in its entirety below. (“Astronauts” is particularly lovely.)

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