Our life is a short time in expectation, a time in which sadness and joy kiss each other at every moment. There is a quality of sadness that pervades all the moments of our life. It seems that there is no such thing as a clear-cut pure joy, but that even in the most happy moments of our existence we sense a tinge of sadness. In every satisfaction, there is an awareness of limitations. In every success, there is the fear of jealousy. Behind every smile, there is a tear. In every embrace, there is loneliness. In every friendship, there is distance. And in all forms of light, there is the knowledge of surrounding darkness… But this intimate experience in which every bit of life is touched by a bit a death can point us beyond the limits of our existence. In can do so by making us look forward in expectation to the day when our hearts will be filled with perfect joy, a joy that no one shall take away from us.” — Henri Nouwen

At the bottom of the heart of every human being, from the earliest infancy to the tomb, there is something that goes on indomitably expecting, in the teeth of all crimes committed, suffered, and witnessed that good not evil will be done… It is this above all that is sacred in every human being.” — Simone Weil

And God who gives beginning gives the end… a rest for broken things too broke to mend.” — John Masefield

Behold I show you a mystery, we shall not all sleep/​We shall all be changed, the crippled, deaf, and meek/​In a moment, in a twinkling of an eye/​The last trumpet shall sound and the dead shall arise/​Incorruptible, we shall all be changed… we shall be free.” — Lift to Experience

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