Gondry and Cunningham

Two interesting cuts from two of the most distinctive directors working today.

First up is Michel Gondry’s video for The White Stripes’ ​“The Denial Twist.” As with much of Gondry’s work, there’s an imaginative layering of visuals, such that the video becomes something of a Mondrian Loop — the visuals begin to interact with each other in surprising and humorous ways, similar to his video for Kylie Minogue’s ​“Come Into My World.” What’s better, it’s all done in one take, uses such old school techniques as forced perspective, and it’s got a cameo by Conan O’Brien.

Second is a PSP commercial by Chris Cunningham that looks like something out of some manic Japanese animé. Wierd, whirling dervish-creatures made up of PSPs and other discarded scrap items run rampant through the streets, duking it out on cranes and TV anteannas.

Via Overstreet and Hicks.