Get Yr Blood Sucked Out

While looking around the web for some samples from the new Tunng album, Comments From The Inner Chorus (which, BTW, sounds pretty intriguing), I came across the website for Full Time Hobby, the label that’s releasing Comments… as well as the new Viva Voce album. Which has the hott title of Get Yr Blood Sucked Out.

Unfortunately, the current Viva Voce website is under construction, and their MySpace page only has two tracks from previous records, so all that there is to go on is this tidbit from Full Time Hobby: If you thought that Anita was the Queen Of Frets before, oh boy, she’s gonna blow your mind even more this time around…and Kev is equally as frenetic and pulsating on the old skins.

Get Yr Blood Sucked Out comes out in August for you European types. Us Yanks will have to wait until September to hear the new tunes, via Bar Suk Records.