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Fumihiko Sori to direct Dragon Age anime

Animé News Network is reporting that Fumihiko Sori will be directing the previously announced Dragon Age animé. Honestly, I’m not sure how I feel about this. I liked Dragon Age: Origins quite a bit and am definitely looking forward to the sequel, and I think it would be an interesting world in which to set other stories, be they animated or otherwise. However, I’m torn on Sori directing.

I loved Ping Pong for its energy, emotional depth, and clever use of CGI, and it continues to grow on me with each new viewing. On the other hand, I found Vexille — Sori’s 2007 CG/​animé film — to be rather underwhelming, especially once the explosions and action subsided and the film tried for quieter, more character-driven moments.

I’m sure that Sori will be able to pull off the spectacle aspect of Dragon Age — i.e., epic battle scenes — but if that’s all the animé really has to offer, I’ll be disappointed.

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