Elsewhere, 1/16

Feeling a little blue? Winter blahs got you down? Then I suggest you give Sally Shapiro’s “I Know” a spin on the ol’ MP3 player. Your mileage may vary, but for me, listening to this track is like listening to a hundred sad, beautiful summers set to a disco beat. If I’d heard this track in 2006, when it came out, it probably would’ve been my song of the year (though I still love me some Junior Boys).

I watched the first volume of Noein this previous weekend, and it’s currently at the top of my anime viewing pile, due to the very raw-yet-intriguing artwork and the references to all manner of esoteric and theoretical physics (such as the Copenhagen Interpretation). That, and it has some really cool fights.

I’ll believe it when my fingers actually touch the shiny aluminum disc, but Kevin Shields is talking about a new My Bloody Valentine record.

Apple makes Momus cry: “[F]or someone like me, an Apple keynote speech is much more than a new product announcement. It’s a sermon, a series of miracles and a rousing patriotic oration about the homeland.”

The creators of Lost are figuring out a precise end-date for the series. Which sounds great to me. The last thing we need is another scenario like that of last 2 – 3 seasons of The X‑Files.

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