EllisLab’s plans for the end of the ExpressionEngine 2 beta

With the impending release of ExpressionEngine 2.1, the new version of ExpressionEngine will officially be out of beta. EllisLab has just announced their plans for the transition and here are a few of the highlights:

  • ExpressionEngine 1.x will no longer be available for purchase after ExpressionEngine 2.1 is released. However, ExpressionEngine 1.x owners will still have access to download their files.
  • Folks who purchase ExpressionEngine 2.x will also have access to ExpressionEngine 1.x through December 31st, 2010. (Presumably, most third-party developers will have made their add-ons compatible with ExpressionEngine 2.x by then.)
  • EllisLab will continue to provide support for ExpressionEngine 1.x “as long as there is sufficient demand for it” (i.e., probably through at least part of 2011).
  • EllisLab will continue to provide bug fixes and security updates for ExpressionEngine 1.x.

You read all of the details here. Additional information and discussion can be found in this forum thread.