“Eclectic Prawn” by Dumbo Gets Mad

Pure mind-expanding bliss.
Dumbo Gets Mad

I recently discovered the Italian psych-pop duo Dumbo Gets Mad, and I’m wishing I could go back in time so that I could’ve been listening to them for longer than just the last few days.

Consider ​“Eclectic Prawn,” from 2011’s Elephants at the Door. From its bubbling backdrop, which serves as the perfect sonic metaphor for the duo’s audio alchemy, to the Led Zeppelin-meets-hyperactive organ breakdown, to the fuzzed-out guitar solo that winds things down, this song is pure mind-expanding bliss.

Dumbo Gets Mad’s second album, Quantum Leap, will be released next year on Bad Panda Records. You can listen to the first single, ​“Radical Leap,” here.