Decepticon Testicles

Do you remember that moment in Transformers when Bumblebee pees on John Turturro’s character? Your reaction to that scene will likely determine your reaction to this tidbit from Empire’s review of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen:

A notable moment occurs during the dementedly frenetic final act of Transformers 2. A robot-on-robot fracas is unfolding around Egypt’s Giza Necropolis, with Devastator, an especially massive mechanoid comprised of several construction vehicles, set on clawing its way to the peak of a pyramid. As it lumbers up the dusty colossus, a shot tilts up to its mid-section, revealing two wrecking balls dangling down. Yes, Michael Bay, the man who brought us cyber-micturition in this movie’s predecessor, has one-upped himself: Decepticon testicles.

That being said, the new Transformers movie still looks waaaaaay better than G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (as far as ’80s nostalgia films go).

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