The first thing you notice about ​“South,” the first single from Damien Jurado’s upcoming album In the Shape of a Storm, is how hushed and stripped down it sounds. Especially when compared to the psychedelic and otherworldly flourishes of his most recent albums, including 2016’s Visions of Us on the Land and 2014’s Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son.

Indeed, In the Shape of a Storm may be the most stripped down album of Jurado’s career. Its ten songs were recorded over the course of two hours in a single afternoon, with Jurado occasionally accompanied by Josh Gordon’s high-strung guitar. But for all of its sparseness, it’s no less arresting thanks to Jurado’s striking lyrics (“My body is a passing leaf/​Dead as it hits the ground/​Useless to nature’s need/​Quite a sight not to see”), pensive voice, and subtle melodic shifts.

In the Shape of a Storm will be released by Mama Bird Recording Co. on April 12 — click here to preorder.